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The goal is to submit the product or part of it to environmental conditions of simulated temperature and humidity to which the material will be exposed.

Our testing laboratory is accredited by the A2LA accreditation body in ISO IEC 17025 and performs environmental simulation tests to meet the needs of the industry.


Currently it is necessary to carry out environmental simulations in climatic chambers of electronic components in which it is required to perform the test while they are energized. Because due to exposure to high or low temperatures, materials can deteriorate over time, aging prematurely, while humid conditions can lead to condensation that damages these electronic components internally. SITEC LAB has the ability to test these components under methods accredited by the A2LA accrediting entity such as PV 1200, IEC 600068-2-30, TS 956 Sec. 6.7,6.39.


They determine the performance and reliability of the products. There are different types of vibrations: Sinusoidal, impact, shock, random or a combination of these, which simulate conditions that occur throughout the useful life of the products or during transportation periods.

SITEC LAB is the only third-party laboratory in Mexico accredited with ISO / IEC17025 in this field. Our tests are carried out for the automotive, aerospace, electronic components and packaging industries with the ability to control temperature and humidity in the test by energizing the parts if required.

We work with national and international standards particularly: IEC60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-27, VW 80200, GMW 3172.

Our vibration system guarantees traceability and reproducibility thanks to our Quality Management System (QMS).

Our staff is technically evaluated by the A2LA accreditation house and is constantly trained.


SITEC LAB offers neutral salt spray, accelerated corrosion and cyclic corrosion tests in accordance with the main international standards such as ASTM B117, ISO 9227, PV 1210, GMW 14872, SAEJ 2334, serving all kinds of industries, mainly the automotive industry.

SITEC LAB participates every six months in Aptitude Test where more than 70 laboratories participate at an international level, placing us with excellent results in the evaluation of our personnel, equipment and materials.


Endless standards and procedures are employed to ensure the reliability of any product, from testing a car steering wheel for wear to measuring the torque force of a stereo knob, each and every one of these tests serves a purpose to guarantee trust and reduce the risks involved.

The thermal shock test consists of subjecting a component to sudden changes in temperature, this is achieved by using two chambers that are at controlled temperatures to generate thermal stress.

By making this type of changes, some properties of the materials can be closely studied, such as: thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, resistance to cracking or how temperature affects brightness or color to detect a possible failure and thus know in what In this sense, greater protection must be provided and future accidents avoided.

SITEC LAB has the thermal shock method accredited under ISO IEC 17025 with A2LA.


We currently work with standards such as USCAR 21 for connectors, GS 95002-2 in lighting systems, among others. SITEC LAB will expand its scope by 2021 with ISO / IEC17025 accreditation in electrical measurements.

We have measurement equipment, power sources, data acquisition systems, etc. All our equipment has the traceability of accredited methods to offer a service that complies with the implemented standards.

Some of the sectors we serve are automotive, aerospace, electronics, aeronautics, electrical appliances, among others.


Determines the filtration of dust in its components and its vulnerability in a certain quantity, pressure and time.

In recent years, different manufacturers of consumer electronic products have become increasingly interested in designing devices that have a higher degree of protection, either against these or other types of elements, since a wide variety of electronic products are used in the day to day. Having such protection provides a great advantage for the consumer and sets the manufacturer apart from others.

Mainly the automotive industry tests its components under the FMVSS 108, SAE J575 and TL 956 standards.


SITEC LAB has a prototype based on the IEC 60068-2-18 standard for environmental systems.

The rain simulation is carried out with the help of sprinklers, which provide us with the pressure and the necessary amount of water.

The exposure time is according to the number of nozzles or sprinklers. The standard establishes the distance at which the sample will be placed in a fixture, simulating the ideal operating conditions. It can be performed with both energized and non-energized sample.

The objective of the test is to verify that the sample does not contain water inside at the end to meet the IP (Degree of Protection) acceptance criteria.


SITEC LAB offers a wide range of testing services for the automotive, aeronautical, household appliances and electronics sectors, always following the highest quality standards, ensuring the reliability and repeatability of each of the results obtained.

Among the services are the following:
- Waterproof
- Evaluation of IP degrees
- CAR WASH device simulation
- Resistance to cross cutting
- Acoustic tests
- Resistance to free fall
- Resistance to bullet impact
- Color measurement
- Gloss measurement
- Tensile strength
- Flexural strength
- Resistance to understanding
- Determination of flow index
- Determination of density
- VICAT temperature
- Hardness
- Charpy Impact
- Electrical tests on lithium batteries

Photometry and Radiometry Laboratory
40 m long photometric tunnel.
Characterization of incandescent, fluorescent, LED lamps and luminaires, etc.
Photometric characterization of automotive luminaires, headlights, taillights, stop, turn signals, etc.
Characterization of retro reflective materials at different angles.
Luminance and color measurements.
Lighting systems evaluations.

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